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  Economic Value and a Personal Touch
Hear the stories of some homeless people.
Character That Counts
A ministry devoted to accountability and good character.

A community website to help parents find a new school.

We have three basic pricing plans to offer you. The chart below gives a brief comparison of the three. We have cheaper pricing for ministries. Please contact us to see if you meet the criteria.
Build Options Webmaster Student You
Who builds it? Chris Powers or other experienced web-designer. A high school student currently in a web-design class learning the ropes. Yep, that's right. Feeling ambitious? Want to learn some HTML? Start with a template and go from there.
Hourly Cost $20.00 FREE! FREE?
Estimated Total Cost
(for a 10 page site)
$200-$400 FREE! FREE?
Hosting We do that too! We host it cheap! Host with us, or do it yourself. We can show you how.

We cannot guarantee any price for an entire site build, but we will give you estimates on your site based upon your needs. In order to give you an estimate we will need to establish a dialogue concerning your needs. Please contact us to enquire further concerning your particular needs. Please see the pricing section of our TOS concerning other pricing concerns.

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